For Potential Students

Students who are interested in doing projects/theses on computer networks, wireless connectivity and mobile computing are requested to send their CV and transcript to me over email. In general, depending on their time commitment, students contribute to one or more research papers. The students are expected to have familiarity and strong interest in systems work, including actual implementation of testbeds. Thorough grounding in machine learning, algorithms and optimization techniques is considered to be a plus. During the course of these projects, discussions on tangential items related to working of networks and/or systems within the group are encouraged.

PhD Students

  • Shubham Chaudhary
    • Started in January 2021
    • Research Topic: Edge Computing for Traffic Surveillance
    • Sapna Chaudhary
      • Started in August 2020
      • Coadvised by Prof. Mukulika Maity
      • Research Topic: Optimization of Smartphone Connectivity

    Masters Students

    • Ravi Rathee and Shivani Mishra (joint) -- Capstone Project
      • To complete in December 2021
      • Project Topic: Benchmarking Edge Computing Services
    • Harshal Dev -- MTech Thesis
      • Project Topic: WiFi for industrial control
      • Coadvised jointly with Prof. Mukulika Maity
    • Anjali and Sraddha Sablok (joint) -- Capstone Project
      • Project Topic: Performance of Android applications
      • To complete in December 2021
      • Coadvised jointly with Prof. Mukulika Maity

    Undergraduate Students

    • Paritosh Shukla and Rohit Makkar
      • Project Topic: Traffic Monitoring using Decoupled Edge Devices
      • Expected to complete in May 2022
    • Kshitij Mohan
      • Project Topic: Adapting the ML models on Edge Devices
      • Expected to complete in May 2022
    • Aryan Taneja (pursuing Independent Project) on "Traffic Monitoring using Edge Devices"
    • Taral Jain (pursuing Independent Project) on "Improving Smartphone Connectivity" (with Mukulika Maity)
    • Nikhil Kushwah (pursuing Independent Project) on "Low-cost Transmitter Localization"
    • Vishrut Arora (Summer 2021) on "Privacy Leakages from Indian apps" (with Sambuddho Chakraborty and Mukulika Maity)
    • Mrigank Chugh (2020-2021) on "Low-complexity computer vision for edge computing" (with Mukulika Maity)
    • Anuj Verma (Btech Project, 2020-2021) on "Empirical Analysis of GPU's for computer vision workloads
    • Prince Sachdeva and Abhivandan Pandey (joint BTech Project, 2020-2021) on "An Empirical evaluation of the performance of Android applications" (with Mukulika Maity)


    • Anuj Raghini and Malhar Marathe (students of VJTI, since December 2020), on "Edge Placement using Deep Reinforcement Learning"
    • Sanskar Sehgal (student of Manipal University, working since May 2020) on "Tracking of moving GPS Spoofing Devices"
    • Anjali Singh (student of Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University For Women, working since May 2020) on "Traffic Monitoring using Edge Devices
    • Jaskirat Singh (student of University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, working since May 2020) on "Evaluation of computer vision techniques on Raspberry Pi's"