Engineering: One of the important themes of signal processing area is Signal modeling
(1-D signal, image, or videos). This theme can be branched out to three broad objectives:
compact signal representation, signal separation, and event onset detection. Applications
such as compression, denoising, pattern matching, transient detection or localization,
signal separation, etc. belong to these objectives. As my long-term research goal,
I am interested in this umbrella theme “signal modeling”.

So far, I have worked in the area of “Signal-Matched Wavelets,” proposed new LMS algorithm
for fractal signals, and carried out statistical characterization of discrete-time
fractional Brownian motion. Recently, my students worked in the areas of biomedical signal
and image processing (ECG, EEG, MRI, electrical modeling of neuron, etc.). In the near future,
I would like to work on the theoretical problems with a goal to show the utility of work on some real life problems.

Education: In addition to contributions to my mainstream engineering discipline, I would like to contribute
to higher education from policy perspective. I strongly believe that education can help us in uprooting social
malaise from society. In my opinion, education should be a wholesome experience and it should make us
sensitive and responsive to the larger society. Therefore, access, success, and retention of students, financing,
quality and assessment of education are all important issues. I did my second master’s in higher education
leadership and policy studies in 2010. I would also like to pursue this passion by via research work and