PhD Students

    Yash Atri
    IIIT Delhi (Jan 2020 - Present)
    Topic: AI for financial documents

    Sarah Masud (Prime Minister PhD Fellowship)
    IIIT Delhi (Jan 2020 - Present)
    Topic: Hate speech diffusion

    Shivani Kumar
    IIIT Delhi (Aug 2019 - Present)
    Topic: Dialog generation

    Siva Charan Reddy Gangireddy (TCS PhD Fellowship)
    IIIT Delhi (Dec 2018 - Present)
    Topic: Collective deception in online discussion platforms

    Subhabrata Dutta
    Jadavpur University (Jan 2018 - Present)
    Topic: Argumentation mining in online media

    Hridoy Sankar Dutta
    IIIT Delhi (Aug, 2017 - Present)
    Topic: Malicious activities in OSNs

    Dinesh Pradhan
    NIT Durgapur (jointly advised by Dr. Subrata Nandi and Dr. Prasenjit Choudhury) (Graduated; June 17, 2019)
    Topic: Dynamics of citation and collaboration networks

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