Currently Funded Projects

  1.   HumanSense: Towards context aware sensing, inference and actuation for applications in Energy and Healthcare, Joint project with Indira Gandhi Delhi Technological University for Women and Shiv Nadar University, funded by IT Research Academy, DEITy (PI), 3 years starting December 2013 (Approx. INR 2.45 crores)

  2.    Pervasive Sensing and Computing Technologies for Energy and Water Sustainability in Buildings, Joint project with Prof. Mani Srivastava, UCLA funded by DIT and NSF (PI), 2 years starting April 2012, App. Rs 1,30,00,000

  3.     Design and Development of a Mobile Device Centric Environment for Healthcare Delivery, Joint project with PGI Chandigarh, funded by DEITy (co-PI), 3 years starting March 2013 (Approx. INR 47 Lakhs)

  4.     Development of distributed algorithms for incremental sensing and communication EMC Corporation (PI), 1 year starting September 2013 (9.6 Lakhs)

  5.    Programmable System For  Monitoring of Electrical Parameters and Intelligent Control of Electrical Appliances,  Telecommunication Consultants India Limited (PI), Started November 2013 (INR 2.5 Lakhs)

  6.    Smart Electrical  Energy Disaggregation using Machine Learning Approaches, Telecommunication Consultants India Limited (PI), Started November 2013 (INR 2.5 Lakhs)   

Successfully Completed Projects

  1.    Seed money for development of "Networked programme for higher education, training and research in Health Information Management in South Asia", funded by Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (PI), successfully completed March 2013,  (Approx. INR 23 Lakhs)

  2.    Time and Presence Based Actuation, Research Project funded by Telecommunication Consultants India Limited (TCIL), 3 months starting November 2012, App. Rs 2,00,000

  3.    Intelligent Information Access on Low-end mobile phones, Microsoft Research India (co-PI), 1 year starting July 2011, Rs 10,00,000  

  4.    Use of Cell Phone for Detecting and Controlling Infectious Diseases, National Geographic Society (co-PI), 1 year starting Feb 2012, App. Rs 8,91,300

  5.    WebMAP- Web based Mobile Architecture and Programming, Nokia Global University Grant (co-PI), 1 year starting Dec 2011, App. Rs 13,00,000

Consulting Assignments

  1.    Personalized activity monitoring for shared spaces, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd, 6 months starting Nov 2013 

  2.    Analyzing voice based services for farmers in rural India Consulting project from Iffco Kisaan Sanchar Limited, Completed 2011, App. Rs 5,00,000  (Completed)

Equipment Grants

  1.    ARM India, Received mBed Platforms and Books for programming (Worth approx. Rs 2 Lakhs), July 2013 

  2.      Atmel MCU Lab: Received 80 microcontroller hardware units (xMega-25, Dragon-30, EVK1100-25) from Atmel Corporation worth $6420 as part of Atmel University Program to setup Atmel MCU Lab at IIIT Delhi.