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News and Updates

  1. IIIT Delhi now part of BT's Global Research and Innovation Program along with MIT-USA, Tshenghua University-China and IIT Delhi-India.
  2. BIT Group and British Telecom will work together to design the next generation EON technology.
  3. Dr. Abhijit Mitra nominated as Junior Speaker in Rank Prize Funds, UK 2018 for his contribution to UK network design.
  4. At OFC 2018, vendor community (Nokia Bell labs, Ciena) reach consensus to the PhD thesis findings (done with BT). This will lead to possibility of more future collaborations with industry.

"Cities in the past were built on river banks. They are now built along highways, But in the future they will be built based on availability optical fiber networks and next generation infrastructure”, Primer Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. 

Research Agenda: To design solutions for upgrading the inter-city optical backbone network for sustaining the growth of telecom traffic in the access network. Presently, the backbone network is operating on DWDM(speed >10 Gbps) which we would like to enhance to EON(speed>100 Gbps) in a cost efficient manner. 
Areas of Impact:
  1. Sustained rise in digital broadband services towards 4G and 5G and catering to increasing number of telecom users. 
  2. Sustained rise in telecom services HD-Video on Demand, Video Conferencing and video services towards 4K-HD video. 
  3. Sustain the rise in cloud based infrastrucutre where Software-as-a-Service (SAAS), Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) can enable ease of doing business for SMEs  
  4. Complements the National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN) program and Digital India initiative.
  5. Facilitating the telecom growth in metro and broadband network infrastructure to enhance end user capacity (low latency, higher data rate and rising number of users which are 3 vertices of 5G growth pyramid).